Is working abroad a good decision?

The highest jobless level in Spain, 25% unemployment, may give Spaniards a bit of encouragement to go abroad, even more to the younger population (under 25 years of age) who are suffering a 53% unemployment rate. Elisa Cuevas, 27-year-old neurobiologist, says nearly every one of her friends in the sciences has left for work abroad: “We are all away – New York, Chicago, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Germany. But just one friend is still working on a lab in Spain, and I’m really worried about him” .One way to assure that young Spaniards make a good decision about working abroad is analyzing the pros and the cons. Let’s focus on some relevant aspects such as language, economical status, professional opportunities, family & friends, value of professional profile and style of life inside or out of Spanish borders.One positive point is language. As most people know, Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world. Thus Spaniards can choose between many countries as their destination without having to learn a foreign language. All of these countries are in the American continent, crossing the Atlantic, which can be considered a little inconvenient for some people. Unfortunately, wherever you are, globalization requires English as a work language. Also, other native languages can be required. For example, in France, not everybody speaks English as second language. Even in places where English is well established, such as the Netherlands, it is very convenient to speak Dutch in the-day-to-day office. To sum up, it is very convenient thinking about to learn an additional language to improve the opportunities of success.

Economical situation is another positive aspect. Spaniards are people very attached to their land. Nowadays, only a dozen Spanish companies are making business abroad, and most of them in South America. Therefore, from an optimistic point of view, the current Spanish crisis can give Spaniards a bit of encouragement to go abroad. However, a relevant aspect to take into account is that most of the developed countries are suffering a recession in their economies. Therefore, it could be a good idea to focus on new emerging economies and embrace the internationalization process of Spanish industry.One of the positive ideas that older people say to young people in Spain is that if a worker goes abroad, his/her professional opportunities will be radically multiplied. Even more, if s/he is looking for a job linked to research & innovation. But, on the possessive side, other people say that probably, this newcomer will have difficulties finding her/his ideal job and showing her/his skills because of the required English level or ignorance about the new market.It is obvious that if you make the decision of going abroad, you will be away from your loved ones. This is one of the worst consequences of living abroad. But fortunately, communication technologies and transport are very developed so you can be in contact with your family and friends in an easy and cheap way.In order to make a decision about working abroad or inside, not all aspects can be thought in terms of pros and cons. There are also certain elements that are similar wherever Spanish citizens were. One of these permanent elements is the value of the professional profile. Probably, as an average Spanish professional, one has a high level of education and can offer a professional profile as valuable as native candidates. Other element to keep is the style of life. If a Spanish professional moves to another developed country, s/he will not change too much her/his style of life. S/he may adopt some customs of her/his host country, but nothing that one wouldn’t do when s/he moves from one city to another inside Spain.To sum up, there are many different aspects to take into account in order to make a correct decision about whether moving abroad for professional purposes or not. Like in any other life decisions, there is not an only correct way, and this decision cannot be exclusively good or bad, but will probably be a mixture of both. One the one hand, moving abroad supposes a risk (e.g. losing contact with your beloved ones) but it is a potential life changing decision (for the good). On the other hand, staying in an economically decaying country also supposes a risk, in spite of the advantages of being close to home, and moving abroad can be a remedy to overcome the possible future threats that a bad economic situation poses.


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